Tutubi Alampay


A special piña-silk scarf/bandana made using a weaving technique revived in Aklan called “tablero ringgue“, an open-work style typically seen in centuries-old textiles. After weaving, the fabric is washed and scrubbed to reveal a gauzy pattern. The dragonfly motif is created through “sinuksuk”, a process of inserting thread to create an inlaid pattern. Piña is known for its delicate texture yet noted for its strength, with fibers holding a certain stiffness and durability, much unlike fabrics like cotton and chiffon. Can also be used as a top. Hand-stitched edges. Limited quantities. 



Inspired by the “alampay” or “pañuelo”, a head/neck covering worn by Filipina women in the 18th-19th century, and essential to the traditional baro’t saya ensemble.


Piña weaving is a long-standing craft in Aklan, Philippines, and a main source of income among Aklanon families. A long process, it starts with the harvest of pineapple leaves, followed by vigorous scraping to lift the finest fibers, washing, and drying. These fibers are then trimmed and knotted by hand to create one long, seamless thread, which is then woven into cloth.

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Piña (pineapple fiber)


68cm x 68cm


Hand-wash by swishing around soapy water.
To dry, remove excess water in between two towels and hang to dry.
Do not tumble dry.  

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