Tupil Box Sling


This is a variation on the “Tupil”, which was used to bring cooked rice to the fields. Intricately woven bamboo basket with braided edges for reinforcement. Lid slides up the straps. Rare find—only two pieces. One has a longer strap than the other, refer to details below for measurements.


For centuries, basketry has been an essential part of all aspects of life for the Ifugao of the Luzon Cordilleras of the Philippines. Home to the Banaue Rice Terraces, cultivation of rice is important to them and several baskets served this purpose.


Smoked above a hearth and waxed for a dark patina and to strengthen, making it more resilient to breakage and bugs. Smoked baskets are seen to be of greater beauty and value.

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Smoked Bamboo



6″ l x 6″ w x 6.75″ h
14″ strap drop

6″ l x 6″ w x 7″ h
18.5″ strap drop

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