Sora Reticule


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Secret meetings in the 18th century. Handkerchiefs and crossed hands, soft dresses. The Mother of Balintawak.



Our version of the 18th century reticule, inspired by Tandang Sora—a multi-way drawstring purse meant to be worn around the neck, as a sling, or around the wrist. 2-sided and intricately embroidered in Lumban, Laguna.


Lumban, Laguna, is a small town long known for the quality and intricacy of their embroidery. With a mix of hand-sewn and hand-guided elements, also seen here is the Sampaguita Callado, a kind of filigree work wherein the fabric thread is painstakingly pulled from the cloth to create an intricate pattern.


A portion of proceeds go to Real Life Foundation, a non-profit, non-government organization providing educational assistance to underprivileged Filipino youth.

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Silk Cocoon



7″ width
7.5″ height


Handwash with a gentle soap
Spot clean with a soapy cloth/rag
Hang to dry; do not tumble dry

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