Smoked Small Amihan Backpack


A backpack referred to as a “Lagpi” and traditionally worn by the Isneg people of the mountains of Northern Luzon, Philippines. The Isneg live in the upper part of the Cordilleras, their name derived from Itneg, which means inhabitants of the Tineg River.


With flexible braided shoulder straps, a rectangular base and an easy to open v-cut slit at the back, said to have been designed to lay against the back to keep water from entering and soaking the contents when it rains. Handmade using durable split rattan. 2 sizes, 11″ height and 13″ height. Only 1 piece each.


Sturdy and meant to last for years and passed on. Smoked above a hearth and waxed to give it a dark patina and to strengthen, making it more resilient to breakage and bugs. Smoked baskets are seen to be of greater beauty and value.


*Note that upon initial use, the smoked wax may transfer. This will fade over time, but wiping down with a dry rag may help speed up the process.

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Smoked Rattan

11″ height x 9″ width 

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