Shakee Quilt — Navy


A selection of the most special patchwork quilts, locally referred to as Kawandi, by Siddi women of Karnataka. Siddis are a community of people of African descent, who, over the past 5 centuries have settled in Karnataka. Thanks to a community quilting initiative by Anitha N, the declining practice of making Kawandi is slowly being revived.


This piece was made by Shakeerambi. Multiple layers of upcycled fabrics and sarees are sewn together using a running stitch, moving towards the center in concentric squares, with patchwork elements added with the stitches. Corners are finished with triangular patches called phulas, or flowers. Each quilt takes 15-30 days to make, sewn in between house chores and farm work.


One of a kind. Measures approx.  54 1/2 in. x 87 in.



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54 1/2 in. x 87 in.

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