Pilita Adjustable Bag


Ruching on straps allow full flexibility—scrunch up to wear on shoulders or as a sling; stretch out flat to use as a hand-held tote.


Wood and glass beads on a slightly sheer cream fabric hand-loomed in Aklan using Piña and cotton. Piña weaving is the oldest industry in Aklan and is a main source of income for Aklanon families.


A long and tedious process, it starts with the harvesting of pineapple leaves, followed by vigorous scraping to lift fine fibers to use for cloth. Fibers are then trimmed and knotted by hand to create one long, seamless thread, which is then woven into cloth.

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Natural Piña / Pineapple Fibers
Wood & Glass Beads



Approx. 13″ width

5 – 10″ height



Spot clean with a soapy cloth/rag
Hang to dry; do not tumble dry

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