Namda Felted Wool — Swirl & Avocado


Use as you please–as a rug by your bedside, doorstep, a floor/seat cushion, or as a wall-hanging. Soft to the touch, and feels like a super thick, heavy wool. 


Namda is an ancient felting process said to have first started in the 11th century. In India, it is primarily practiced by the Pinjara and Mansuri communities and Sama Muslims native to Kachchh.


All these pieces are made by Shanu, one of four Namda makers that remain in Kachchh today. *Very limited, only two pieces available.



After wool is collected, cleaned and dyed, it is arranged in patterns on a piece of cloth. A foamy soap water is poured over and saturates the wool. With no weaving involved, it is then squeezed flat and hand-pummeled, after which it is repeatedly rolled and unrolled with cloth, and then prepared for drying up to 3 days (summer) and up to 10 days (winter) to felt. 


10% of proceeds will go to a relief fund for underserved communities in Kutch, India. Click the link here to donate separately.

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2 x 2 ft.

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