Consuelo Market Bag


Our version of the essential carry-all: the striped market bag—spacious and functional but made with a sustainable material. The lightweight fabric, made of abaca, is sturdy and can easily be rolled up. Straps go all the way around the bottom for durability. Zipper closure.


The fabric is handloomed using a mix of Abaca fiber and Cotton. Abaca, which is a species of the banana plant native to the Philippines, is known to be durable and salt-water resistant, being used to make ropes for ships back in the day. 


A portion of proceeds go to Real Life Foundation, a non-profit, non-government organization providing educational assistance to underprivileged Filipino youth.


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Abaca Cotton
Wood, Coconut, & Glass Beads



16″ width

14.5″ height

11″ strap drop