Karlito Loop Panel


Special panels hand-loomed with a combination of abacá and silk, both woven and housed in little pockets. Abacá lends a beautiful warm sheen and a slight structure; with raw hand-sewn yarn details and strings to allow for hanging from all four corners. Made in collaboration with skilled weavers in Kalibo, Aklan.


Weaving is the oldest industry in Aklan, Philippines, and is a main source of income for Aklanon families. A tedious process, abacá leaves are harvested and cleaned, then fibers of are extracted, sun-dried, then graded according to quality. These fibers are knotted by hand to create one long, seamless thread, which is then woven into cloth.


Will be shipped folded. Bend and roll out to flatten. A portion of proceeds goes to our chosen organization; see more details here



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Abacá fiber


36″ x 36″

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