Ipil-Ipil Cooking Utensils


Cooking Utensils made by an Ifugao carver in the mountains of Banaue, Northern Luzon, using Ipil-Ipil, a tropical rainforest wood with a beautiful orange hue. Sold individually.


Woodcarving in the Ifugao region dates back to the 1500s. Home to the famous Banaue Rice Terraces, woodcarving was primarily used to make “bul-uls” (wooden figures used to guard rice crops), or other ritualistic objects connected to the rice harvesting cycle.


Cooking Spoons and Spatulas measure 12″. Long Stirring Spoon (Wavy) is 13″, made especially for pitchers or tall glasses.


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Ipil-ipil Wood



Cooking Spoon/Spatula – 12″ length

Long Stirring Spoon – 13″ length



Wash with soap and water

Rub with a food-safe oil as necessary



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