Handloomed Shag Scarf/Throw


Hand-loomed pineapple fiber and silk, with an all-over shaggy silk and fringe detail to keep warm. In a beautiful un-dyed cream color, with a warm sheen. Made by weavers in Kalibo, Aklan. Use as a scarf, bed runner, or throw. Limited quantities.



Passed on from generation to generation, Piña weaving is the oldest industry in Aklan, Philippines, and is a main source of income for Aklanon families. A long and tedious process, it starts with the harvesting of pineapple leaves, followed by vigorous scraping—typically with a coconut shell or broken plate—to lift fine fibers. These are washed and sun-dried, then trimmed and knotted by hand to create one long, seamless thread, which is then woven into cloth.


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Pineapple Fiber


14″ w x 72″ l + 4″ fringe


Hang to dry, no tumble dry

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