Buhi Lace Coaster


To hold or cover your favorite glass. Beautiful enough to frame and hang on a wall. Sold individually or as a set of two.


These are intricately made by Yedla, a master lace artisan from Ghanapur, India. She has been practicing the craft for 40 years and has taught many, hoping to pass it along and keep lacemaking in the region from fading. Bobbin Lacework originated from Europe and was brought to India in 1897. Out of over 1,000 lace artisans in the state, only about 50 are left working.


Also referred to as ‘Pillow Lace’, a pattern is set on a pillow and pinned in place, followed by a technique of twisting and crossing threads held on bobbins. Each piece takes 2-3 days to make.


Made to order. Approx. 3-4 weeks leadtime.



10% of proceeds go to our chosen non-profit organization. For more info, click here

Clear Selection


Approx. 4″ diameter



100% Cotton



Hand-wash or spot clean with a gentle soap.
Air dry.

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